Importance Of Logistics Warehousing Management

- Sep 03, 2020-

1. Indispensable importance in modern logistics

As for the importance of warehousing to logistics system, we can further understand it from the point of view of supply chain. From the perspective of supply chain, logistics process can be regarded as consisting of a series of supply and demand, when the supply and demand of the rhythm is not consistent, convergence of the two processes is not good, there will be a production of the product does not exist or has no immediate consumption demand products to meet the situation, this requires the establishment of product reserves. The storage of real-time consumer products cannot meet the demand for later. Between supply and demand, there are physical flow, physical existence, static state, physical storage, physical in order to better connect the supply and demand of these two dynamic processes.


2. Ensure the quality of the goods before entering the next process

In the storage of goods, inspection of product quality can effectively prevent the flow of fake and shoddy products into the market, protect the rights and interests of consumers and, to a certain extent, protect the reputation of manufacturers. Through the warehouse to ensure the quality of products is mainly two aspects: one is the quality inspection in the storage of goods, to see whether the goods meet the storage requirements, prohibited unqualified products in two; during the storage of goods, to make products that do not have physical and chemical changes, minimize inventory errors.


3. Ensure social reproduction process

The storage process of goods is not only the necessary guarantee for the smooth flow of commodities, but also the guarantee of the process of production.


4. Speed up commodity circulation and save circulation cost

Although the goods stored in the warehouse, is in a static state, will increase the time cost and financial cost, but on the whole, it will not only bring loss and increase the financial cost of time, it can help speed up the circulation, and save the operation.


5. Get ready for the goods to enter the market

Warehousing can complete sorting, packaging, quality inspection, sorting and other procedures before the goods enter the market, so that it can shorten the working time of the follow-up link and speed up the flow of goods.


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