Important Items In The Optimization Of Warehouse Layout

- Sep 04, 2020-

The basic idea of warehouse layout

1. Centralize the storage of items with similar characteristics according to the characteristics of the goods, and store them separately.

2. Store large and heavy items at the bottom rack and close to the outgoing area and aisle.

3. Store the goods with high turnover rate in the most convenient location for loading and unloading.

4. Centralize the storage of goods from the same supplier or the same customer in order to facilitate sorting and distribution. When there is a large flow of goods and transportation distance in warehouse operation, the layout of warehouse is erroneous.


Problems that should be paid attention to in the planning of warehouse area

1. The warehouse should be close to the operating site and the channel is smooth.

2. Each warehouse has a corresponding entry door and exit door, and with a sign board.

3. As far as possible, the warehouse office is set up near the warehouse area and has a warehouse name tag.

4. Determination of safety stock, minimum stock or fixed stock, and sign board.

5. The storage area, temporary storage area, inspection area and delivery area should be kept in the warehouse area.

6. The warehouse is divided into a number of positions according to the specifications of the storage container, the bearing capacity of the floor and the limited height of the stacking, and the position, channel and channel direction are marked on the ground with paint or sealant.

7. The safety factor must be taken into consideration in the design of the warehouse area. The location of the firefighting equipment, the location of the fire passage and the fire door, and the life-saving measures should be clearly defined.

8. At the entrance of each warehouse, the warehouse plan should be posted, indicating the location of the warehouse, the surrounding environment, the warehouse position, the warehouse door, various channels, doors, windows and elevators.


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