Intelligent Development Trend Of Storage Shelves

- Mar 20, 2018-

The high efficiency of warehouse automation system is in line with the basic requirement of modern market. The rapid and accurate storage is the demand of modern commercial operation.

Today's society, the pace of life and work faster, people demand high efficiency, storage, extraction of goods must be quick and efficient. Accurate and timely delivery of goods is to win the basic conditions of customers, so as to bring more repeat customers, forming a stable customer base. The efficiency of management has led to lower management costs and increased profit margins. With the rapid development of society and the increasingly incandescent business competition, we must try to reduce the operating cost for the sake of development in survival. The storage management cost occupies a large proportion in the operating cost, and the establishment of the storage shelf system can improve the profit space of the market operation.

(1) The transmission system uses the PLC control, through the network and other equipment carries on the data, the information exchange, in the network upper organ machine situation, the transportation control system and the Stacker machine control system may realize the point-to-point communication way directly, carries on the data exchange, guaranteed enters, the storehouse transportation operation to carry on normally When the upper computer resumes work, the control system automatically transmits data to the host computer.

(2) Sorting system. It is connected with PLC, other equipments and communication lines through Fieldbus. For distribution and sorting business volume requirements are very large distribution centers, to choose the Tower-type

Pick the machine.

(3) control system. The control system adopts Fieldbus control and supports remote control, which makes the system maintenance more convenient and quicker.