Introduction And Characteristics Of Stacker Crane

- Sep 08, 2020-

Automatic stacker crane is the complete equipment which stacks automatically the carton, plastic box, barrel packaging and bags according to certain rules and methods. To put products on the pallets in a certain order and carry on the automatic stacking. It can be stacked many layers and launched to convenient for warehouse storage by forklift. Stacker crane is widely used in food, beverage, daily chemicals, electronics, cement and other industries. It can greatly reduce heavy physical labor and improve work efficiency. It is convenient for storage, loading and unloading and transportation.


Product Characteristics:


Touch screen operation is used to realize man-machine conversation, which can display the speed of production, the cause and position of the fault, and the high degree of automation


The PLC program on the carton sorting stacking number, pallet supply and output can be programmed to control


The adjustment of the stacking method is convenient and simple and can be carried out on the touch screen


Stacking stable, efficient, can greatly save manpower


Pallet storeroom will automatically supply pallets


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