Is The Racking Suitable For Multi-storey Factory Buildings

- Sep 11, 2020-

There is heavy load capacity of heavy duty rack, and the pressure on the ground is relatively large, so the weight type racks have certain requirements for the ground. At present, many customers factory is the multi storied factory building. For the light duty rack, rack in the type of load capacity is small, basically requirement of the factory floor is not high, can be used in almost any plant, but the weight type rack, multi storied factory building may not be able to use.


Reason 1: The general weight shelf of each layer is about 2500kg; a single set of weight type rack can reach 12000kg. The foot plate can be directly welded steel plate. Racking company punches directly in the upright on the floor, and then uses the two anchors and fixed on the ground directly, so the rack on the ground for higher layer loads, so it is not suitable for multi storied factory building, unless the load capacity is not great.


Reason 2: In the standard on the first floor of the warehouse, customer requirements on the shelves of the different load, the ground must reach the shelf load is relatively small, the Zhengzhou shelf height under the condition of small: roughness: FF (Terrance flatness) 25, FL (Terrancelevelness) 20, weight of each layer: 2000-3000kg/m2 (general loading the cement floor)


If the load capacity and height are relatively large: FF (Terrance flatness) 25, FL (Terrance levelness) 30, weight of each layer: 2000-3000kg/m2 (general loading the cement floor)


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