Issues In Rapid Development Of Warehouse Racking

- Sep 07, 2020-

For the racking specification, there are two basic problems: one is the size and another is the balance of quality and cost. To permeate into the "soul" of the whole shelves specification any specification should have a basic structure, don't be too big, refined concept is appropriate, what are in a position in the entire specification system, fundamental concept is clear, in formulating specifications to simple, not complicated, because the specification is a mature skills of comprehensive and refined.


Second, we should try our best to learn and learn from international norms, and take the framework of international norms as our framework to further study its ideas and methods.


Third, we should strengthen the collection of root materials, enhance query research, especially quantitative specifications, and pay more attention to the discussion of classic cases.


Reality, the rights of the supply chain to consumers by the center of the chain enterprises, chain retailers, distributors, manufacturers are close to save the transition of the shelves as soon as possible, so many enterprises have realized that required the rapid progress of the whole supply chain operation efficiency.


The storage shelves have been in a stable phase.The variety, quality, function of the current shelf is the key.There is a lack of consistent standard in the production and application of the shelves in China, which has affected the development of the industry.


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