Issues Of Racking Installation

- Sep 10, 2020-

Before we determine the purchasing plan, we work with shelf company have give us a heavy shelves or heavy goods warehouse drawings, renderings, so we can be more intuitive to understand when we purchase heavy shelf warehouse will be what the situation, don't wait until after the shelf installation was found to have problems here, there are flaws, there is a change here to repair, will increase the cost of two for our valuable time. For this we determine the first thing to do after the heavy shelf program is to stare at the installation staff, when he installed in a timely manner to find unreasonable, and then immediately resolved. This will avoid unnecessary trouble.


We should pay attention when install racks:


Before the installation of the hidden works should be hidden before the project inspection, qualified to continue construction.


Racks should be installed according to the construction drawings. When the construction site or design is found to be different, should be made in time, after the approval of the change can be constructed.


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