Key Points Of Logistics System Designing (2-4)

- Sep 09, 2020-


In previous essay, Nanjing Welfor Storage Solutions talked about first 2 important key points in designing logistics system. In this essay we will continue to discuss other 2 important factors: mass production and batch production.

2. Mass Production and Batch Production
The essence to adjust logistics system is to take care of mass production and batch production. When production time is shortened from day to half day, to hour, to minute and second, logistics must ensure enough material supply accordingly. And when traditional production mode has changed to lean production mode, and even to intelligent production mode, logistics also needs to arrange mass production and batch production according to lead time.
Production line must be lean and intelligent to avoid enormous waste during logistics activities, which is strictly forbidden by any company. Moreover, it is an unstoppable trend that logistics will be more and more intelligent in the future.

The final goal to improve production logistics is to supply needed material in time with the lowest cost.

High efficiency is discipline. Low cost is final goal. Data analyze is core. Intelligence is method.

We have taken production for an example. It is the same in sales. Delivery is HUB where changes of production stock and batch takes place. Goods entry in large quantities and are sold in small quantities. A good logistics system is refined with less stock and more batches.

At the same time, it is surely easy to deliver goods from single delivery center. But when clients have different requirements, delivery center must adjust according to customers’ preference. So logistics system will finally adopt intelligent delivery in order to arrange mass production and batch production to the best degree.


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