Loading Of Plastic Bins

- Sep 12, 2019-

Plastic bin is used for the material, good mechanical performance, light weight, long service life. Celsius below 80 ºC resistant to acid, alkali and any solvent, bibulous rate is lower than 0.01% moisture-proof performance is good. Apply to workshop production site, warehouse and other kinds of occasions, enhance the level of logistics management is a good helper.

The application of plastic parts box:
1. back hanging injection tooling parts box mainly with polypropylene as raw material, good mechanical strength, light weight, long service life, easy to use.
2. not only with light shelves, locker, and material of frame, belt hangs Taiwan workbench, hangs Taiwan with shutter hangs Taiwan location such as mural ark
3. cooperate to use, the method of use and high toughness, help you really save space, reduce the cost.
Set of parts box applications
1. can be up and down or so any add or remove, flexible application, visual requires the use of different space.
2. production lines, or all kinds of parts for classify, tidy and beautiful.
3. warehouse storage shelves, free cost saving, the fetch is convenient.

Last week we had 1*40HQ container of plastic bins exported to east aisa.