New Warehouse Shelves Will Gradually Become The Industry Hotspot

- Mar 20, 2018-

The new warehouse shelves will gradually become the industry hotspot, promote the integration of the industry, China's warehouse shelves after more than 6 years of harsh competition. The ability to control interest has been improved. But in this round of competition, the warehouse shelf industry is low profitability, independent development of the lack of capacity, There is not enough capital to solve some of the key issues such as prefabricated bar technology and large-scale production, warehouse shelves new product development. These technical bottlenecks will temporarily restrict the industry's temporary profitability and participation in international competition, the industry can only fall into the vicious circle of low price competition, in the long run, This result is very advantageous to the development of China's warehouse shelf industry, and because of the decline of the industry chain value-added ability, will cause more and more capital to withdraw from the warehouse shelf industry, which will make the industrial chain more vulnerable. Now China has overtaken Japan as the world's second largest warehouse.

The demand for warehouse shelves has been formed at the same time these construction hotspots are very sensitive to interest rates, China's construction of the metropolitan Area Network, access network and rural village, such as the main focus of construction. Warehouse shelves and construction work interest is also the focus of attention.