The Advantange Of The Steel Pallet

- Apr 03, 2019-


1. The bearing capacity is the strongest in the pallet.

2. 100% environmental protection, can be recycled and reused, resources are not wasted;

3. Anti-skid treatment on the surface and edge-wrapping treatment on the periphery. The chassis is strong, light in weight and strong in steel. It has stable packaging performance.

4. Waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof; compared with wooden pallets, it has environmental advantages (such as the capacity of wooden pallets to breed pests);

5. Compared with plastic pallets, it has advantages of strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and price.

6. Especially when used for export, it does not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, and conforms to international environmental protection regulations.

7. When used on the shelf, the friction coefficient is large, it is not easy to slide under the load state, and it is safe and reliable to use. It has good steel, large load-bearing capacity, durable and long service life.

8. Flexibility (four-way insertion design, invisibly improving the convenience of space utilization and operation, and its solid floor design also conforms to the use of conveying, rolling and automatic packaging systems).