The Future Development Trend Of Logistics And Warehousing Industry

- Apr 30, 2019-

According to the requirements of the country for the development of the logistics industry and the needs of the integrated market, the logistics industry in China will present the following development trends in the future:

1) Innovation promotion, industry development environment optimization

Innovation is the development concept that the country has vigorously promoted in recent years, and it is also an important source of power for the sustainable and healthy development of all walks of life. The logistics and warehousing industry belongs to the traditional industry, and it is urgent to seek diversified changes in the traditional service model. And with

With the rapid development of e-commerce and other industries, people's consumption patterns are constantly changing. Enterprises want to fully establish themselves in the market, establish an integrated logistics warehousing model, and upgrade service content. At the same time, national policies are further promoting the development of modern logistics, and the industry development environment will continue to be optimized.

2) Fusion of information data

With the development of the Internet, concepts such as big data and cloud storage are emerging one after another. The society has gradually entered the Internet age, and various data and information are becoming more and more important for the development of all walks of life. As a service industry, the warehousing and logistics industry can grasp the market demand and other data so that you can better serve the enterprise, and also enable the enterprise to set the location of the warehouse according to the data, and also predict the logistics with more delivery. The route will be more targeted to invest more manpower and financial resources. This will not only greatly improve the efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduce unnecessary waste, in line with the green development path that the country is vigorously promoting.

3) Establishment of indicator system and standardization system

The indicator system is an important support for the healthy development of the logistics and warehousing industry, and the scientific indicator system is also the basis for government decision-making. At present, the industry is in a stage of rapid development. The government and the industry are bound to vigorously promote the establishment and improvement of the indicator system and standard system. Similarly, the establishment and improvement of the two systems will further accelerate the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, and the two will complement each other, which will be the trend of future industry development.

In summary, China's economy is in a stage of rapid development, and the logistics and warehousing industry is undergoing rapid development and transformation. The industry will develop towards intensive, informatization, standardization and intelligence in the future.