The Introduction Of Slid Racking

- Apr 04, 2019-


The combined drawer structure is suitable for the storage of moulds. It is safe and reliable, and can easily pull out 300 to 1300 kg/floor cargo. The top part is equipped with skyline, hand-pulled hoist, trolley and easy to hoist and store moulds.

Structural characteristics of drawer shelves:

(1) Safety and reliability, additional positioning safety device, safe and reliable use;

(2) Easy to operate: using bearing combination, sliding translation and attaching independent lifting die device, no need for large-scale driving and forklift;

(3) The structure is simple: it is assembled by a variety of combined components, which is convenient for disassembly, transportation and installation;

(4) The crane can move left and right;

(5) The height of the laminate can be adjusted.

(6) The load-carrying range of crane and laminate is 300 to 1300 kg or larger.

(7) The length of the die holder can be connected at will