Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking And Ground Problem

- May 31, 2019-

Compared with ordinary beam-type shelves, narrow-lane shelves are only a narrower range of 1600 to 2000mm. The space utilization rate of warehouses has increased a lot. Today, the narrow lanes are favored by many enterprises. However, in the actual planning and design, it is not that you want to do narrow lane shelves. Many enterprises' warehouses can't make narrow lane shelves. Why?

Originally, narrow roadway shelves required high requirements on the warehouse floor. Let's talk in detail below why the narrow roadway shelf will have such high requirements on the ground.

The narrow roadway shelves are heavy-duty storage shelves. The load is large, and the volume and weight of the stored goods are very large. If the connection between the shelves and the ground is not good, it is easy to cause dangerous accidents such as shelf collapse.

At the same time, there are two factors to consider when planning a narrow roadway shelf.

First, the flatness of the ground, the three-way forklift fork used in the narrow roadway shelf and the operating room are raised to work at high altitude. If the two sides of the wheel are not flat, it will bring danger to the operation. If the height of the ground of the two wheels is 5mm, the fork will be tilted to 50nmm when the fork is raised to the high altitude. If the two goods are not stacked properly, if the goods are encountered. Plus the stacker can walk at 20km/hour, which is even more dangerous.

Second, the amount of ground subsidence: Because the foundation is a soft foundation, it will cause a natural sinking in a year or several years, and it will also cause uneven ground. In addition, there is a support block at the bottom of the narrow roadway forklift. In order to ensure that the forklift will not fall, the gap between the support block and the ground is about 15mm. If the ground is not flat, it will rub against the ground.

In fact, the reason why the narrow roadway shelves have such high requirements on the ground is mainly due to the characteristics of the shelves themselves and the three-way forklifts that match the shelves. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the customers, Jiangsu Welfor Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. must carry out the shelf planning. First consider the ground issues to ensure the safety of people and goods.