What Are The Important Details Of Heavy Duty Racks That Are Easily Overlooked

- Apr 11, 2019-

Heavy duty racks are used in many industries. Why heavy shelves? Ordinary pallet shelves with a load of more than 500 kilograms per floor are called heavy shelves. Heavy shelves have high picking efficiency and can store heavy goods, but the storage density may be lower than that of driving shelves or double-depth shelves. Heavy shelves are not only suitable for storing goods with many varieties and small batches, but also can be used for placing goods with few varieties in large quantities, so there will be more groups of users.

After all, it is used to place more or heavier goods, so when choosing heavy shelves, we should pay great attention to the load on the warehouse floor. If the warehouse floor can only bear two tons, the weight of the shelf will exceed two tons, then the ground will sink or burst, which can easily cause safety accidents. Therefore, when designing heavy-duty shelves, we should not only consider increasing the height or width of shelves to save more space, but also consider that the total weight of goods added on shelves should not exceed the ground load.