What Are The System Classifications Of Warehouse Shelves?

- Mar 20, 2018-

(a) According to warehouse shelf shelves are fixed or mobile type, can be divided into:

1. Fixed-type shelves

Fixed warehouse shelves can be subdivided into shelf shelves, pallet-type shelves, through-type shelves, gravity-type shelves, pressure-type shelves, loft-type shelves, steel platform, cantilever shelves, mobile shelves, drawer-type shelves, legs-type shelves, etc.

2. Mobile Shelves

Mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile shelves and rotary-type Guangzhou shelves, one mobile shelf can be subdivided into light and medium-sized mobile shelves (also known as dense racks, divided into manual and electric), heavy pallet-type mobile shelves, and rotating shelves can be subdivided into horizontal rotating type, heavy straight rotating shelves two kinds.

(b) According to the warehouse shelves of the overall structure is welded or assembled, can be divided into

1. Welded shelves

2. Assembled Rack

At present, most of the domestic use of assembled warehouse shelves.

(iii) The connection between the shelf system and the warehouse structure can be divided into:

1. Warehouse Shelves Rack

Warehouse shelf system and building roof, etc. constitute an indivisible whole, by the shelf pillar directly supporting the roof load, on both sides of the pillars of the installation of the building envelope (wall) structure.

2. Separation of structural shelves

Systems and buildings are two separate systems, with no direct connection to each other.

(iv) Unit warehouse shelves per layer of load capacity, can be divided into

1. Light shelf: Each floor load is not greater than 200kg.

2. Medium shelf: Each floor load is 200~ 500kg.

3. Heavy shelf: Each layer carrying weight above 500kg.

(v) According to the height of warehouse shelves divided into

1. Low shelf: below 5m height.

2. High shelf: High 5~12m.

3. Super high shelf: 12m or above.