Pallet Rack Accessories

Pallet Rack Accessories

Pallet rack components and accessories include items that can help to strengthen and increase the efficiency of pallet rack beams and frames.
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Pallet rack components and accessories include items that can help to strengthen and increase the efficiency of pallet rack beams and frames. They are suitable for use with compatible storage systems in warehouses and stock rooms. Pallet rack accessories such as wall spacers, aisle guards, and row spacers can help to stabilize and organize warehouse pallet racks. Collision warning devices, anchor bolts, and beam ties can also be used to help increase safety.

You likely already know how valuable a pallet rack is to your operation. We want to help you enhance your pallet rack system with pallet rack accessories. We carry a large variety of accessories to help improve your operation, whether they increase safety or improve organization.


Pallet racking comes with a variety of accessories that make it more useful and valuable to your company. In fact pallet rack has more accessories than any other product we sell. Pallet rack accessories help customize the rack to your specific needs. Pallet rack accessories help solve problems in your warehouse. Ask us how our pallet rack accessories can help solve a problem for you.

Pallet rack accessories help to maximize safety and organization – both things we know you value highly as a warehouse manager. For example, anchors secure pallet rack to the concrete floor. Row spacers give it structural support and keep rows uniform in spacing. Beam clips help secure beams to uprights. pallet supports, wire decking and corrugated decks help support heavy loads on shelves. Wire dividers help organize material on shelves.

Upright Protector 

The Protector will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast moving products or heavy products upright protectors are essential for the safety and durability of the racking. A number of basic protectors are available from Global.


Frame protector

Constant traffic around the end-frame or the frames at the cross aisles often causes damage to the racking, then Frame Protector is needed. A number of frame protectors are available from Global.


Welfor provide various base plates for your warehouse racking system

Standard Bolted Base plates 

Heavy Duty Bolted Base plates


Pallet support bar

Support Bars are not only support pallet but also drum, coil and etc.

Row spacer

Row spacers are needed in various warehouses racking system including pallet racking, drive-in racking, push back & etc. 


Support bar

Upright Splice Kits are using to connect two uprights which in able to achieve clients various requirements of height demands. 


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