Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet Rack Beams

Also known as crossbeams, these heavy-duty steel rails connect to the teardrop uprights to form a secure level of pallet storage.
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Also known as crossbeams, these heavy-duty steel rails connect to the teardrop uprights to form a secure level of pallet storage.

Welfor pallet rack beams feature safety clips which cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the beam—no special tools required. An audible click or simple glance confirms the lock is engaged. Compatible with most standard teardrop frames.


Pallet rack beams have teardrop and rivet design with heavy-duty connection plates that allow easy installation and greater connection integrity. Boltless-assembly—auto-engaging safety clips resist beam disengagement and provide an audible click when secured.

Pallet rack beams include 3-prong connectors that vertically adjust beams on 3" center posts without tools. Double-slotted beams feature integral safety catch that automatically locks into place when beams are properly seated. Visual safety checks are easy.


●Sold individually (2 beams required per level)

●Manufactured to meet RMI standards

●Compatible with most teardrop style uprights

●Uses 55 KSI high-strength steel with a 1.67 to 1 safety factor

●14 gauge steel construction

●Abrasion-resistant finish

●1-5/8"d step allows wire or wood decking

●Adjusts on 2" centers for custom configurations

●Built-in safety clips lock into place when beam has been properly installed

Pallet rack beams are a key component to a selective pallet rack system. Teardrop step beams are the horizontal members that function to support palletized loads or less than pallet load quantities. Teardrop step beams have a standard 1-5/8″ step that is designed to support wire decking, corrugated decking or pallet supports.

Teardrop step beams are constructed of tubular steel. These tubular step beams have end pieces welded onto the end of beams. These end pieces have either a round lug or shaved lug that is designed to easily fit into teardrop upright hole on face of upright frame. The end piece comes standard with factory installed piston locks that secure beams into the upright for safety.

Teardrop beams have end clips with lugs and a piston lock that allows you to easily install beam into upright without the use of hardware or tools. You will hear the beam click as the safety lock secures it to the upright. Teardrop end clips and lock clips have evolved over years. I believe we now have the finest, strongest, most technologically advanced clip we’ve ever offered.



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