Push Back Rack/Racking for Warehouse Cold Storage

Push Back Rack/Racking for Warehouse Cold Storage

Push back rack system is a storage system that allows materials to be stored by being pushed. On a gently-graded ramp, stored materials are able to flow down the ramp to the aisle to be picked.
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Push back rack system is a storage system that allows materials to be stored by being pushed. On a gently-graded ramp, stored materials are able to flow down the ramp to the aisle to be picked. When a new load is added to the rack, it pushes back the pallets already in front of it, making this a Last In, First Out system. Pushback racks’ nested carts make placement and retrieval of pallets easy and it has high storage density, saving you space in your facility.


Push back rack system is a high density Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) pallet storage option that allows an operation to increase the storage density of their available warehouse space. Multiple factors should be considering before selecting this storage type, including product inventory, product accessibility, and forklift type, among others.

Push back rack system is slightly tilted to utilize the force of gravity, and the pallets sit in a tray positioned along the rails in the rack frame. From the front, loads can be picked and deposited with ease, while the back of the rack remains closed. When a new load is added, it simply pushes existing loads back. This not only decreases pick times, but allows for a high selection of picking faces.


●Low profile carts are secured to front-to-back rails lessening the probability of dislodgement.

●We can design a push-back rack system to fit into virtually any space in your warehouse.

●Push-back racking is designed with no pallet overhang.

●No special forklift equipment is required.

●Low maintenance. Easy to clean.



●Better use of warehouse space - push back offers up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems

●Store a variety of SKUs on different levels of lanes for easy product access

●Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and costly product damage

●Up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks makes pushback more versatile for a greater number of SKU's

●High storage density coupled with selectivity for faster pick rates

●Color coded carts for easy visual inventory

●Large target for loading and unloading

●Maximizes space utilization by filling the vertical cube

●Last in, first out" inventory

●Unlike drive-in racks, each level is independently accessible


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