Steel Structure Platform Floor

Steel Structure Platform Floor

Steel structure platform floor is primarily meant for installation in warehouse and factory building interiors.
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Steel structure platform floor is primarily meant for installation in warehouse and factory building interiors. They are installed on high quality concrete flooring with sufficient load-bearing capacity. Steel structure platform floor construction is designed to take into consideration all the pertinent technical norms and safety regulations. Steel structure platform floor is always designed according to the user’s requests and requirements. Because of this, each platform is unique. The quote includes a free price estimate as well as the project design; delivery and installation of the platform construction can also be included at the customer’s request. Furthermore, we also offer the option of inspections in addition to warranty and post-warranty services.


A structural steel platform is a quick way to gain additional space at height without having to make costly structural changes to the floor plan. The self-supporting, walk-on and optional drive-on steel construction creates space at multiple levels: When new storage and work areas are provided, the lower level can also be used for production, for example. Compared with integral mezzanine floors, structural steel platforms offer many individual design options. They can be used as picking platforms, for instance. Structural steel platforms can be designed so that not only hand pallet trucks but also electric pallet trucks can operate on them. Forklift trucks or conveyor systems provide material flow from the ground floor to the platform; personnel gain access via steps or integrated lifts.





●As block storage, office space, production area or for order picking.

●Platforms as substructure and maintenance access for conveyor lines.

●Variety of floor coverings, from chipboard to metal grating.

●Extensive accessories.

●Build above to create additional space.

●Optimum utilization of the entire height of the room.

●Cost-effective variant compared with expanding the floor area.

●Racking system, railings and fall protection are designed according to applicable standards.

●Safety railings.

●Support guard.


●Pallet gates for a safe means of transporting goods to the individual levels.


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